Death Valley Hot Springs Pools

Death Valley Hot Springs Pools

Death Valley Hot Springs Pools

At Death Valley Hot Springs you will enjoy access to 4 private pools, and 1 large shared pool that has 4 additional shared hot pools attached.

The temperature of the pool is regulated by adjusting the flow of water into the pools. The hot pools are regulated to temperatures between 102 - 104 degrees F. The large shared pool is usually in the 80's to 90's degree F.

We provide our guests with non- allergenic wristbands that must be kept with you at all times while enjoying the hot spring pools.

All four private hot spring pools are centrally located on the property for convenient access. Each enclosed private hot springs pool is equipped with an individual shower.

Private Pool Rules

1. You Must Shower Before Entering Pool

2. You Must Lock the Door

3. Enjoyed in 30 Minute Increments.

Shared Pool Rules

1. No Children Under the Age of 12 allowed in any pool areas.

2. No Smoking

3. No Pets

4. No Glass of Any Type

5. No Music

6. No Candles

7. No Horesplay

8. No Food

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